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Our ecommerce platform is the tool that helps grow your business online.


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eCommerce websites
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Fast eCommerce to market

The old saying time is money is very true. We know how important it is to get your ecommerce website up and running quickly, which is why we offer an express eCommerce setup. Dump your information with us and let us sort it out for you.

Mobile eCommerce Website

Customized to sell

Havealook will build your eCommerce store and customise it for the ultimate shopping experience! Your website will be full of your branding, colours and follow your company’s theme.

Responsive eCommerce design for optimal experience

We understand that over 50% of your traffic will come from mobile devices. Havealook will design your website to give your customer an optimised shopping experience regardless if they are using a PC, tablet or mobile device.

Use powerful sales strategies

Your eCommerce store has powerful tools to highlight and focus on specific items. These techniques are great for clearance sales moving stock more quickly and highlighting more profitable items.

Product placement

Getting the right products in the right spot and having the right structure is important. At Havealook we can give the right direction and help you convert customers into sales.

Traffic Generation

Getting traffic to your eCommerce store is important and Havealook will built your website with SEO in mind. Each product can be optimised for increased rankings.

SEO Traffic Generation