Website Design Services

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Websites really are on the cutting edge of website design. Before this, websites were made to fit on just one size. But since the explosion of mobile and tablet devices, consumers are more likely than ever to go online without ever using a desktop computer, and with the huge amount of devices, all with varying dimensions, how do you ensure your website looks amazing on all of them?


Responsive Web Design


Ecommerce Shopping

Do you have a product you want to sell? Then we can look after you no matter what you are selling. Havealook have established one of the easiest E-Commerce systems on the market with one goal in mind we want you to sell your products as quickly and easily as possible and help you grow and expand your business. Havealook do all the hard work for you from design, CMS and uploading your products, our process is second to none.


eCommerce Shopping


Content Management System CMS

One of the first things we recognised at Havealook was that our customers wanted to update their own web page easily without needing programming skills. So we went out and built a CMS (content management system) and have labeled it The World's Easiest Self Update Console.


Content Management System


Search Engine Optimisation SEO

SEO is not a mystery, and we have the experience and proven techniques to power your website to the top. Unleash your website potential and break the barrier with Search Engine Optimisation.


Search Engine Optimisation SEO


Click to Call Action Buttons

When the website is loaded on a mobile device, special call to action buttons are displayed.


Call to Action Buttons


Custom Design No Templates

Customers will look at your website as a direct representation of your businesses professionalism. If your website is not reflective of today’s industry standards for a website and it does not provide the customer a pleasant user experience they will leave and go to a competitor who does.


Custom Website Design


Logo Design & Business Cards

Whether you are just starting a new business or looking to revamp your existing logo, getting a new logo will help establish your brand in your industry. Once you are happy with your newly designed logo we will carry your branding through to your website, so your customers know who you are.

Get a professionally designed logo with your new website starting from $295, call us today and see what we can do for you.


Logo and Business Card Design


Copy Writing

Many of us are great at what we do, but struggle to put our story into words. Your service might be first-class, your products great, your reputation strong and client base building but your not sure how to express that on a website. We can help.


Enquiry Forms

Customers love passing their details to a business as this removes the pressure from their shoulders. 2/3rds of all of Havealook website enquiries come through the enquiry form and they will for your business as well.


Intuative Animation

Animations will highlight the important parts of your website with movement to draw a customer’s attention. This keeps them on your site longer and high possibility you will convert your lead.


Australian Hosting

All of our websites are hosted in Australia on high speed servers with a 99.9% uptime. Not a day goes by where we do not have an enquiry come through because a new leads website is down.


Video Training Tutorials

NO CODING OR PROGRAMING SKILLS NEEDED – 30+ videos that teach you how to use our system, if you can use a keyboard your over qualified to use our system.


Track Growth

All our websites are built to incorporate Google Analytics which will allow you to track your leads. This can help you make educated changes to your website to ensure the best customer experience.