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December 2018

Did you know 90% of Google searches don't go past page one?

If you wanted to make sure someone never found your business, how would you do it? The answer is simple: appear on page two of Google search results.   A whopping 90% of Google users...

Make it easier for Google to find your website with these 8 tips

It’s not too far-fetched to say we rely on Google’s powerful platforms to get by day-to-day. From business to personal lifestyle, the impact the world’s largest search engine has on...

What insights Google Search Console can give you about your website

You may have dabbled with Google Analytics enough to know the power of data for optimising your website’s performance. Having this vital information gives you the ability to charge up your...

Just Jeeps: SEO Case Study

Key Points Reduced SEO monthly cost by 40% Increased website traffic by over 104% SEO generates more enquiries than paid ads. Removed penalty inducing spam content   Company background ...

Why our CMS is easy to use

Flick back to the ‘90s and you’ll see a bunch of Comic Sans-blanketed websites that look a little like simplified, online brochures. From the flashing text to the interesting (to say the least)...